Thursday, January 1, 2015

Unlimited / Anytime Haïti Calling Plans

HAITI Unlimited Incoming Calls

Basic Plan:  $1 a day
for Unlimited, Anytime Calls to one person in Haïti
from anyone in the US with no long distance charge.

This service works everywhere in Haïti
Also works in the Dominican Republic
 Jamaica, Turks & Caicos and more.

For only $1 a day, payable monthly for $30.00?

What's the best way for a whole family in the US or Canada
to stay in touch with a special relative in Haïti?

Imagine, for $1.00 a day, 

you can put a US or Canada phone number
on the phone of the relative in Haïti
and anyone in the US or Canada
can call him or her for free, not a penny.
(Smartphone required)
Call us NOW at
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We also offer 2 other Calling Plans for Haïti:
$40 a month
(Internet included in Haiti)
The person in Haïti can also call you back anytime.

$60 a month
(Internet included in Haiti)
The person in Haïti can call back anyone in the USA or Canada,
anytime and talk as long as wanted.
(Smartphone required in Haïti)

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PALENET Cellular, inc.
A Florida Corporation

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  1. If I choose, the $60 plan, what kind of phone number do they get in Haiti that allows for people in the US and Canada to call them without getting charged on their bills